Ukraina Hotel Entryway
Location:Moscow, Russia
Client:Ukraina Hotel

The Competition task:

to develop a concept for the Ukraina Hotel entryway – a eight column portico in addition to the main stairway and adjoining entrance square.

The Ukraina Hotel is one of seven original Soviet skyscrapers that form a famous silhouette on Moscow’s skyline – the entryway should both respect Moscow’s architectural heritage and serve as a business card for the hotel itself.
We proposed a 25 m diameter mirrored sphere, floating in front of the entrance. It will reflect the unique architecture of the Ukraina Hotel drawing attention on the entrance but loosing itself in the background at the same time. The distorted reflection offers a wider perspective on the plaza and the landscape in front of the hotel.
From the river it will appear like a 25 m hole in the classic facade, a conceptual approach inspired from the art of Anish Kapoor, Gordon Mata-Clark and the russian Erik Bulatov