THE office building extension
Status:in progress
Area:6000 m²
Client:AEW europe & BNP paribas real estate
Additional Consultants:Yasuhiro Kaneda Structure & Z GROUP

How to add two more floors to an existing building with a strong pixelated façade without altering the impact of the initial volume? The architectural concept follows the rubik cube logic: a volumetry that is completed by the replication and the rotation of already existing elements. We replicated the pixelated façade in a new independent volume that is rotated and floats on top of the existing building. The 9th floor becomes a transparent gap that allows light green areas and perfect visibility of the pixelated ceiling that retakes the design of the existing façade in a metal mesh and neon tubes composition. The metal mesh extends on the 10th floor façade in a mobile shading system. The metal shutters continue the design of the existing façade in a new more transparent logic, accentuating the transparent gap at the 9th floor. Given the fact that the extension appears as a different new volume a media façade could also be considered. The extension is a four meters height Vierendeel truss that is supported by the existing vertical circulation cores so the rest of the structure will not be affected.  The charges unload on independent structure around the existing vertical circulation tubes The structural 10th floor allows a completely structure free floor underneath. The 9th floor can have a free more creative layout as it’s not dependent of any structural lines.