Linda Farrow Pop-Up Store
Location:New York, USA
Client:Linda Farrow

The Competition task:

To imagine a space with a strong but not overwhelming personality, with a powerful concept and a functional plan, experimental and yet neutral so it doesn’t influence the displayed products but creates a unique atmosphere around them.

The Volumetric Scenario:

For Linda Farrow Pop-Up Store we proposed a multilayered inflatable structure that defines a 22 ft tall exhibition space. The light structure will emerge from the container – an aerial transparent-white in contrast with the industrial look.
Two round windows on the long sides of the container will create a link with the exterior world – the circular shape is a reference to the sunglasses while the multilayered structure and the concave space distort the view enhancing the visitor’s experience.

The Functional Scenario:

The Linda Farrow Pop-Up Store will have two entrances on the short sides of the container. The products will be exposed at eye level in a single line leading the visitor from entrance to exit in a controlled journey.

The Sustainable Development Scenario:

The transparent structure will be naturally lit and heated through the greenhouse effect while the multiple layers insulate the interior space, keeping the heat in. The design concept follows a natural ventilation strategy: grilles at the bottom of the walls to provide fresh air intake to the space, the air is heated if necessary and is extracted at high level