Hungarian Museum of Architecture & FotoMuzeum
Area:12 000 m²
Client:LIGET Budapest
Additional Consultants:Yoong Zang architect

The Fotomuzeum has the most significant photographic collection of the Hungarian museum structure organized for the presentation and research. The Hungarian Museum of Architecture is the owner of one of the biggest collections of architectural designs, technical drawings and visual plans and models dating from the 18th century to the present day.

In its final, constructed form, architecture has a place in the real world. This is where it makes its statement. The unrealized architecture works represent an attempt to express a concept that has not yet found a place in the concrete world for which it is meant. Architectural drawings try to express the aura of a building in its intended place. Design drawings refer to a reality which still lies in the future; they are not the illustration of an idea but a part of the creative work that ends with the constructed object. — Peter Zumthor <Thinking Architecture>

For both the Architecture and the Fotomuzeum, the exhibited material is a form of representation in itself. Both the architecture drawings, models and the photography collection, they are a form of REPRESENTATION of the REAL world. To mirror this concept we proposed a space that draws its form from the representation. In this way the REPRESENTATION becomes the REAL. The entire structure of the two museums is formed by vertical transparent layered glass sheets and represents the history – frames of a linear perception of time, and simultaneously acts as a virtual three-dimensional filter, altering the percipient’s view towards the building context. The building becomes a virtual 3 dimensional dynamic appearance or a filter of the context during the perception of photography and architecture. Besides the traditional program, the building itself it is an exhibition space/surface, a museum orientated to the interior and to the exterior, opens to everybody.


We proposed an open body building which embraces the sur­rounding environment and is connected with the endless continu­um. It will create a sense of closure without physically closing the park, providing a sense of MONUMENTALITY while maintaining a close relation with its environment.

The future Fotomuzeum and the Hungarian Museum of Architec­ture will, in time, grow naturally into being a part of the form and the history of the place. They will reflect the rich historical background of the site, and at the same time they will represent the new gen­eration of creative and dynamic Hungarian artists and architects.

The buildings will provide a creative, innovative solution for the spa­tial relationship between the programs. With close attention to light, the essential element in both photography and architecture, the buildings will lead people to think about time, space and matter.

We proposed a dynamic space that brings people together. Wheth­er you are the general public, tourist, students, researcher or mu­seum professionals, there are place for everyone in the building. All the flows are grouped and controlled to assure the building’s security, functionality, and provide everyone a unique visiting ex­perience.